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Round wax crayons which come in a wide range of bright and luminous colours. Ideal for psychomotricity development and experience drawing. They are excellent for all ages, but specially indicated for small children due to their shape and soft texture.


They have a very good coverage and can be used on different surfaces: matt paper, card and cardboard, as well as on wood and rough surfaces. They are odour free, easy to paint with and have a very high performance due to the fact that the whole crayon consists of lead. SOFTYWAX crayons are available in different attractive formats. They have many artistic applications too, allowing wax sgraffito technique, shavings.

  • They create smooth, uniform lines.
  • They leave a thick layer, making them ideal for the sgraffito technique (superimposing and scratching away different layers of colour) and to create a wide range of textures. Colours also allow blending techniques, rubbing the area desired with a cloth or by hand.
  • They last a long time because the entire crayon is usable.
  • The child becomes directly involved with drawing and colour at the same time.
  • Fun to colour with.
  • Attractive colours.
  • Good coverage. The wax colours are totally opaque so they can be used on different coloured paper.

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