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Atlas S3900 Specialized Talking English, Arabic Dictionary


  • LE 1,337.00

Delivery within 1-4 days

Dimensions W 118 mm H 78 mm

  • Atlas Modern Dictionary Unabridged Encyclopedic (English-Arabic)
  • Atlas Modern Dictionary (Arabic-English)
  • Atlas Modern Dictionary (Arabic-Arabic)
  • Oxford Dictionary (English-English)
  • Abbreviations & Acronyms Dictionary
  • User's Dictionary Vocabulary
  • Dialogue Learning List
  • Specialized Dictionaries Contain many dictionaries, which are specialized in computer, engineering, sports, commercial, law, etc.
  • Comprehensive Dictionary
  • Computer, Internet and IT Dictionary
  • Engineering Dictionary
  • Electrical Engineering Dictionary
  • Mechanical Engineering Dictionary
  • Chemical Engineering Dictionary
  • Architecture and Civil Engineering Dictionary
  • Scientific Dictionary
  • Chemical Elements Dictionary
  • Geography & Geology Dictionary
  • Glossary of Environmental Terms Medical Dictionary
  • Business & Finance Dictionary
  • Law Dictionary Political Dictionary
  • International Relations Dictionary
  • Military Dictionary
  • Sports Dictionary Voice
  • A real human voice talks in both English and Arabic languages with the ability to set the speed and the frequency.
  • Grammar Contains English & Arabic grammatical rules and tests.
  • English Grammar: Contains the basic English grammar with explanations and tests.
  • Test Your English Grammar: Contains multiple-choice test in English grammar.
  • Arabic Grammar: Contains the basic Arabic grammar with explanations and tests.
  • Test Your Arabic Grammar: Contains multiple-choice tests in Arabic grammar.
  • English Language Contains Irregular Verbs, Irregular Plural Nouns, Phrasal Verbs, Synonyms and Antonyms.
  • Organizer Contains Telephone, Schedule, Calendar, Personal Information and Data Deletion.
  • System Setup Contain various types of interesting games.
  • Calculations Contain different kinds of calculators.
  • Miscellaneous Contains Date, Time and Others. Voice: A real human voice talks in both English and Arabic languages.

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