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Ingenuity Black Rubber GT FP

Ingenuity Black Rubber GT FP


  • LE 3,000.00

Delivery within 1-4 days
  • Parker 5THTM
  • Medium nib
  • Slim

The Finish
Pearl white lacquer with a sparkling iridescent touching line with the latest collections of fine jewelry elegantly engraved on its grip with the emblematic chisel? pattern.
The Trim
Coated in Light Gold PVD.
The Nib
Parker 5THTM Technology: a flexible tip which interacts with the metal hood, and is finely engraved with the emblematic Parker arrow, to provide an exceptionally smooth and fluid writing experience, with an intense and sharp rendering. Adjusts intuitively to the user's style of writing, in just a few words. A highly innovative technology that ensures a clean and simple refill process.

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