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A highly malleable, non-hardening, resistant clay that is pleasant work with. Modeling clays come in two types: Vegetable or mineral.JOVI modeling clay is mainly composed of vegetable matter, making it lighter but giving 33% more volume, and it is to remember that it is also more pliable and it's colors are brighter.


Endless creativity with jovi platilina. A highly melleable, colored vegetable paste that's ideal for kids from the age of 3. it's very light and is big in volume making it easy for children to work. it's very plastic. and has a highly consistent and firm texture.

What's more, it does not stain or make children dirty and it can be easily re-used. And it doesn't dry out, It can be worked at low tempratures and used with moulds and modelling tools.

So all sorts of flat and three-dimensional models can be produced! And it can be used for animation techniques too, like the ones used in advertisements and films, since this product is ideal for creating figures with a degree of movement. without a doubt it is a true star of art work!

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