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Van Gogh oil colour tube 40 ml


  • LE 52.00

Titanium white
Naples yellow
Naples yellow red
Yellow ochre
Raw sienna
Azo yellow lemon
Light oxide red
Quinacridone rose
Vandyke brown
Raw umber
Burnt sienna
Cobalt blue (ultram.)
Turquoise blue
Permanent green
Payne grey
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Painting with Van Gogh oil colours is a joy. Whatever oil colour technique you choose, the pasty paint gives a beautiful result. Choose from a wide and balanced palette. In addition to the lively colours, you above all opt for the certainty of a good oil paint. The fineness, the colour intensity, the high content of pigment and durability contribute to the ultimate expression of your inspiration. Van Gogh oil colours are available in a wide range of 66 colours in various tube sizes, sets and artists’ boxes.

• High quality
• Strong and intense colours
• Easy to mix and use
• High pigment level
• Uniform degree of gloss and thickness of the various colours
• Good to excellent lightfastness for colour retention over time

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