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tesa extra Power Universal duct tape, 10m:50mm,


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"Not all applications call for a special repair tape featuring very special qualities. tesa® extra Power Universal is a multi-purpose extra power duct tape with more than sufficient characteristics for most household applications. It offers extra high adhesion for best possible results. Plus it is a weather resistant gaffer tape that will stick on alsmost any surface. These carefully balanced qualities make this extra power duct tape the repair tape of choice for hobby, sports, leasure and household.

Easy handling for strong adhesion
To get a strip of tesa® extra Power Universal, you can simply tear it off by hand. This is not only convenient to quickly bundle cluttered computer cables. It also allows easy outdoor use without requiring a knife or a pair of scissors. But don't be mistaken: While you can tear the tape easily, it will experience extra strength and superior bonding in just about any situation.

Ideal for home, hobby and office
tesa® extra Power Universal is a must have for any home or office. It is an indispensible helper for many hobby and leisure applications and a perfect choice for handicrafts, repairing, fastening, bundling, strengthening, marking and much more. If your application does not call for a duct tape with very special characteristics, feel free to use tesa® extra Power Universal as the alround solution for most typical applications.

Perfect adhesionin even outdoor
tesa® extra Power Universal is not only a multi-purpose self-adhesive duct tape for home and office. It is also sufficient weather resistant tape offering best qualities for many outdoor applications.

Universal tape on stage
It is not surprising that musicians and bands all over the world use tesa® extra Power Universal. Stage crews know the universal qualities of this duct tape and use it to organize, mark and repair audio cables. They also use it to route cables on the floor to prevent them from becoming trip hazards."

"* For handicrafts, repairing, fastening, bundling, strengthening, marking and much more
* For daily uncomplicated solutions and quick & easy repairs
* Very good adhesion to all types of surfaces
* Weather-resistant for in-and outdoor applications
* Tearable by hand
* Solvent-free"

 Dimensions: 10m:50mm

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