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tesa Powerstrips DECO self-adhesive strips, removable, transparent


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You want to hang up seasonal decorations to prepare your home for those special days of festivity? You are planning a birthday party and want to create an atmosphere that everyone will enjoy? tesa Powerstrips Deco are transparent self-adhesive double-sided strips made for damage free hanging. They will not only help you to securely attach any decorations to the wall*.

They also can be removed easily without leaving any traces. How to apply - step by step:1. Clean the surface with alcohol or silicone-free glass cleaner2. Apply the Powerstrip Transparent Deco strip on the surface - press for 5 seconds minimum3.

Fix object onto surface - press for 5 seconds minimum4. Make sure the tab can be accessed for removal Sticking instead of using thumb tacksWith tesa Powerstrips transparent Deco you will neither need to hit nails into the wall, nor will you have to use thumb tacks to fasten any decorative object. These double-sided self-adhesive strips are even more versatile than any thumb tack.

You can stick them on any smooth wall or even a window and only need to press your decoration against it. Since they are transparent, they will remain unobtrusive and not destract from your artful decoration. Virtually invisible window decorationNow you can even attach decorative objects to the window in a clean and decorative way. With tesa Powerstrips Deco you have transparent double-sided self-adhesive strips that will perfectly stick to glass and reliably hold your decoration in place.

They are an unobtrusive hanging solution with a sufficient level of UV resistance.Removable fixation for temporary usetesa Powerstrips transparent Deco not only provide smart, unobtrusive fixation. They can also be removed anytime without leaving traces. Gently pull off the strip and the decoration will immediately come off from the window or wall.

That's all. There will be no visible traces, such as residues of bonding agent that need to be removed. The surface of your wall, window or ceiling will simply look as as did before.*Not suitable for the use on styrofoam, foamed or porous materials or surfaces with non-sticking coating.

Dimensions: 16 Strips

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