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tesa Powerstrips POSTER, double-sided self-adhesive strips, removable


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tesa Powerstrips Poster are especially shaped double-sided self-adhesive strips. They are designed specifically for the damage-free fixation of posters, charts or illustrations.

Because they neither damage the surface of the wall* nor the poster itself, they are far more practical to nails or thumbtacks. Step by step - How to apply1. Clean the surface with alcohol or silicone-free glass cleaner2. Apply the Powerstrip Poster strip on the object - press for 5 seconds minimum3. Fix object onto surface - press for 5 seconds minimum4. Make sure the tab can be accessed for removal Hanging without damagingtesa Powerstrips Poster are fast and easy to apply and offer reliable fixation for the permanent or temporary display of posters, illustrations or charts.

You only need a wall free from dust and grease. Stick the Powerstrip onto the wall, remove its protective paper and gently press the poster against it. As a result, you will not see how the poster was fixed. But it will stay up securely and you can take it off anytime without leaving traces.Easy removal without visible tracesUsually, charts, illustrations or decorative posters do not stay on the wall permanently.

After attaching them with tesa® Powerstrips Poster you can remove or relocate them anytime without worrying about unsightly holes or residues of bonding agent on the wall. Simply pull off the Powerstrip, take down the power and everything will look as it did before. Especially designed for posterstesa Powerstrips Poster use patented Powerstrips bonding technology.

But they are not simply universal double-sided self-adhesive strips. They are shaped especially for the damage-free attachment of posters made of thin paper or any other light and sensitive material. Plus they offer good adhesion and will neither damage the wall nor the poster.*Not suitable for use on styrofoam, foamed material, surfaces with non-stick coating, porous materials

"* Posters can be replaced or rearranged, leaving both surface and poster undamaged
* Secure hold of up to 200g*
* Removable without trace thanks to the Powerstrips technology
* Usable even on sensitive surfaces like wallpaper or varnished surfaces
* Due to special shape, ideal for light and sensitive materials etc.
*Not suitable for use on styrofoam, foamed material, surfaces with non-stick coating, porous materials"

Dimensions: 20 Strips

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