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tesa Standard Masking Tape


  • LE 14.00


tesa® Masking Tape Standard is the multi-purpose alternative within the tesa® range of masking tapes. It is made of disposable paper and available in three widths to allow precise masking for fast and good looking paint jobs.

The right masking tape for a clean paint job Your window frames urgently need painting? Your interior doors call for a fresh touch of paint? You finally want to change the color of your living room walls? While painting itself is an ideal DIY job, clean edges at door frames, baseboards or windows are essential to really get good looking results.

That's why tesa® Masking Tape Standard should always be on your shopping list, when preparing for home renovation. Good adhesion and easy removal tesa® Masking Tape Standard is the universal painters tape that will match a wide range of interior painting jobs.

It not only offers good adhesion on typical surfaces found inside the house. It is also the proven and reliable method to mask areas that by all means should stay free of paint. Lifting it off after the paint is dried is s simple procedure.

If you do so within 2 days after applying the tape, tesa® even guarantees residual-free removal for superior results. Easy to handle, easy on your budget tesa® Masking Tape Standard combines extra versatility with a competitive price tag. It is the masking tape that always comes in hand and is recommended expecially if you plan to give your whole house a new look.

This universal masking tape is made of plain paper. This means, you can easily tear it for fast, easy and clean application. Featuring a solvent-free adhesive coating, there will be no uncomfortable smell and no negative effect for the environment.

* Good adhesive strength on most surfaces
* 2 days residue-free removal
* Solvent free

Dimensions: 50 m : 19 mm

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