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tesa TACK self-adhesive reuseable repositionable pads, transparent


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Maybe you want to hang up a postcard or need to attach a construction plan to the wall. Or you like to have a shopping list on your kitchen drawer that is always ready to be taken along to your next trip to the supermarket.

Whenever it comes to attaching something with the intention to take it off anytime, tesa® TACK is the modern solution to look for.Pads instead of thumbtackstesa® TACKs are on the way to replace conventional thumbtacks. They are more versatile and open a wealth of new opportunities for hanging and attaching things temporarily.

Basically, they are small, transparent pads with a self-adhesive coating on both sides. They stick to just about any flat and sufficiently firm surface and are ready to hang up anything that is light and flat. Removable attachment the modern waytesa® TACKs are not only a good solution if you want to hang up something permanently. They are a great idea if you intend to take it down one day.

Unlike conventional thumbtacks they will not puncture the wall and require you to plaster and paint it from time to time. Instead, you only need to pull them off the wall and will not have to take care of any visible traces. Remove, reposition, reuseUsed on cardboard or any other sufficiently firm surface, tesa® TACK pads are not only ready to be pulled off anytime.

They will also maintain their adhesive power and are ready to be used multiple times.Replacing magnets or thumbtacksUsing magnets to temporarily hang up things requires you to install either a strip of metal or a pin board. Thumbtacks can be used directly with most walls, but will eventually leave you with a punctured wall that look anything but attractive.

With tesa® TACK pads you opt for a modern way of temporary hanging, that is much more convenient and works with any wall without causing any damages.

Dimensions: 60 Pads

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