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tesa Universal double-Sided tape Universal


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"tesa® Double-sided Tape Universal is a highly versatile multi-purpose double-sided floor laying tape that also matches a wide range of other applications.

Easy handling and durable adhesion
tesa® Double-sided Tape Universal stands out for secure and reliable adhesion on almost any flat and smooth surface. To support efficient carpet laying without the need of tools, the tape can easily be torn by hand. Once attached to the floor or any other surface it guarantees superior adhesive powers for permanent fixation.

A carpet tape with excellent qualities
To fix a carpet reliably and durably, simply stick multiple strips of tesa® Double-sided Tape Universal onto the floor. For good adhesion, make sure that the floor is absolutely clean and dry. After removing the covering protecting the upper adhesive coating of the tape, you only need to position the carpet and roll it out over the tape. Make sure to stick an uninterrupted strip of the tape along all sides of the carpet to ensure perfect adhesion ot its edges.

Versatile double sided handicraft tape
For many handicraft applications, using tesa® Double-sided Tape Universal is easier than using conventional glue. It is a multi-purpose double-sided self-adhesive tape that perfectly sticks on many materials featuring a flat, dry and sufficiently smooth surface. Use it as an easy-to-apply fixing tape to permanently attach lightweight decorative objects onto the wall.

Ready for small and big jobs
tesa® Double-sided Tape Universal has a width of 50 mm. It it available in rolls with 5, 10 or 25 meters of tape. The smallest roll might be ideal for crafting and decorating. The bigger rolls are perfectly suited for carpet laying."

"* Multi-functional: For fixing carpets on different surfaces, for handicrafts and decorating
* Tearable by hand
* Foil quality"

Dimensions: 10m:50mm

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