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tesafilm Mini Dispenser + tesafilm crystal, 10m:19mm


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The tesafilm® Mini Dispenser is a practical accessory for any 19 mm wide tesafilm® available in 10 m rolls. Designed as an ergonomic self-adhesive tape dispenser it is ideal for home, school and office.

Due to its compact dimensions, it is even a handy office and school supply for mobile use. It supports fast and easy handling and allows to precisely cut a strip of tesafilm® at exactly the length needed. A mini tape dispenser for easy handlingThe tesafilm® Mini Dispenser clearly demonstrates what a practical self-adhesive tape dispenser should be like. It is extremely compact and designed for ergonomic and intuitive handling.

To hold it, simply insert your middle finger into the opening and you have both hands free to wrap a parcel, repair a torn document apply a strip of self-adhesive tape wherever you want to fasten something.

Precision at your fingertipsThe tesafilm® Mini Dispenser is equipped with a solid metal blade with a wavy profile for easy cutting. It is a very practical feature to precisely cut your self-adhesive tape to provide you with exactly the length needed.

Featuring an integrated lateral roll protection the dispenser will also prevent the adhesive-tape from getting dirty or damaged. Tape dispenser ready for actionThe tesafilm® Mini Dispenser already comes with a 10 m roll of 19 mm wide tesafilm® crystal. This means you can test it right away and get to know its unique and practical design.

You will quickly appreciate this versatile tesafilm® accessory for closing an envelope, neatly sealing a wrapped gift, repairing a torn sheet of paper or attaching a poster to the wall.

"* Ergonomic design
* Handy and versatile
* tesa wavy metal blade for reliable cutting
* Lateral roll protection prevents tesafilm® from becoming dirty or damaged
* Quick and easy to refill
* Refillable with rolls up to 10m : 19mm size"

Dimensions: 10m:19mm

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