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Uni PowerTank SN-220EW Eco Ballpoint Pen

Uni PowerTank SN-220EW Eco Ballpoint Pen


  • LE 20.70

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The new ECO version of the PowerTank is made largely from recycled materials. The barrel is made from recycled polycarbonate, while the grip area is made from a mixture of sawdust from Uni's pencil-making operation and resin - cutting down on the amount of new resin required.
An interestingly-eco-warrior shade of green with a brown grip.
The pressurised refill provides writing ability in extreme conditions. The Uni PowerTank will write on wet paper; upside-down; in temperatures down to -20degC; and even in zero-gravity. Just like a Space Pen - except the whole PowerTank pen is less than half the price of a single 'space pen' refill.

Advance Mechanism: Retractable
Ink Type: Oil-based
Refill Type: Refillable
Tip Shape: Conical
Tip Type: Ball

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